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  • How To Repair Rattling, Rotting and Sticky Wooden Windows

    Wooden casement and sash windows will deteriorate over time. This article explains how you can easily repair wooden windows and cure three of the most common problems - rot, rattling and stickiness.
  • How to Properly Treat a Wooden Window

    Determining the type of window that is right to be installed in our homes can sometimes be a problem. This is due to the many options available in the market, ranging from the design to the materials used. Some materials that are commonly used to make a window are wood, composite, aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl.
  • Step-By-Step Instructions Of Glass

    A homeowner can get a lot for his money or a little when he buys glass for windows, doors or partitions. But if he knows which glass will do what, and how to buy it, he won't pay double or triple prices for plate glass when he could have used heavy sheet glass, nor will he waste money by ordering glass by the sheet when he could have used a case.

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